Monday, 31 March 2008

You can rule your life in the fine shop Sky-Lark

I returned today to the shop where I bought a finger puppet for my niece just before Christmas.  I bought three more to add to her collection.  They have a big selection of different fairly traded animals, some more exotic than others.

Perhaps being able to buy fair trade toys in Lewes, or anywhere for that matter, is nothing out of the ordinary: fair trade goods are now the order of the day.  Sky-Lark, however, has an interesting mix of products; frivolities seen in the picture but also books, world music, foreign-language films and even food.  

It was the small selection of couscous, almonds and olive oil that was the most interesting; they all came from various cooperatives in Palestine.  It is heartening to see Palestinian products on 
sale even in a small town like Lewes.  Let's hope that Palestine, a country with an economy broken by various embargoes, has more future trade with the world and that we see more Palestinian goods in our shops soon.

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