Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Street walking

Driving has lots of rules and regulations.  That's why I like being a pedestrian; no one can tell you definitively how you should walk down the street although perhaps some people need to learn a bit of pavement etiquette: one should always step out the way for a child, someone pushing a pram, an elderly man or woman, or someone who has trouble walking. 

Inside a car a motorist has lots of polite little gestures: flash your lights to give way and raise your hand, in a kind of drivers' salute, when someone has given way to you.  But when one person is on the street and the other is behind the wheel I feel that the niceties break down.  

Just the other day I was standing on the curb of a junction hoping that someone would stop so I could make it home to eat my tea.  A man did stop, kind you might say, but then to indicate to me that I should cross the road he took his index finger, pointed at me, and then pointed at the other side of the street in a rather aggressive manner.  Of course I am being overly sensitive but maybe next time a car stops for me the driver could lightly wave his hand in a graceful style or else I might have to follow Richard Ashcroft and walk over the bonnet.