Saturday, 29 March 2008

Carla Bruni, a politician's wife like no other?

Now the seemingly endless chatter in the British press about Carla Bruni has cooled down perhaps it's time to reflect. 
Carla Bruni, or should I say Sarkozy, is a supermodel.  She is the first lady of France.  She is from Italian aristocracy.  So is it any surprise that she wears a wardrobe of Christian Dior clothes, looks beautiful and greets the Queen with gracious poise? 

Now Carla fever has hit Britain with high speed gales the British woman could be forgiven for feeling a little windswept and fed up that her poshest frock (the one she'd meet the Queen in if she had to)  comes from Karen Millen.  The newspapers, whilst trying to create a story on a slow news week, have bemoaned the fact that our politician's wives are not nearly as stylish or glamorous. Obviously that is all one can hope to get out of politics: a beautiful politician's wife.  

Carla Bruni has hopped over the channel back to France but for now we can think about whether politics in Britain is stardom for the ugly. Or we could think about reality because in a world full of problems our thirst for celebrity can easily make us forget them in a second. 

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